Frequently asked questions:


What can I have printed on my vehicle?

Absolutely Anything!

Vehicles can have a full image effect, simple text, photographic images, logo or a combination of the above. Recently we wrapped a mini in the union flag which looked amazing or get your message across with simple text.


Does vehicle wrap fit any size and shape of vehicle?

Yes vehicle wrap can be printed to suit any vehicle. Full vehicle wraps, partial wraps and simple graphics can be fitted to any vehicle.


How long does the vehicle wrap last?

There are many different types of vehicle wrap media available and each has its own durability so it depends on which vehicle wrap media is used as to the wrap’s longevity. Laminating the media will also extend the life of the media and provide added protection. It is also advisable to ask advice from the vehicle fitter about what cleaning products should be used on a wrapped vehicle.


Is it easily removable?

When you are ready to remove the graphic, vehicle wrap media can be removed with heat using a heat gun.

Vehicle Graphics

For a proactive form of advertising you need vehicle graphics. Here at Victory Imaging we provide vehicle graphics for single vehicles or a full vehicle fleet.

Vehicle wrapping is a rapidly growing advertising medium that will certainly get your brand 24/7 awareness. According to a recent survey vehicle advertising is seen on average by 3000 people per hour which equates to 16 million advertising opportunities each year.

Ideal Uses For Vehicle Graphics

Product Launch
New Store Opening
Raise/Increase Band Awareness
Mobile Business Such as Hairdressers, Nail Technicians, Party Organisers
Special Offer Promotions
Fleet/Vehicle Hire

If you are interested in having your vehicles wrapped but don’t know where to start with the artwork then why not give us a call and we can design the graphics for you.

Alternatively, if you have created the artwork then we can simply print the graphics or wrap for you.